Predict the expected Retardation Factor (Rf) of any compound, simulate the Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) of any mixture and screen for the best eluents to purify your target compounds.

Simulate the TLC of a mixture of compounds

Infer the approximate aspect that the Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) will have for a particular mixture of compounds.

  • Predict the Retardation Factors (Rf) of your compounds and see how the TLC of your reaction will probably look like.
  • Know in advance whether the stains of your compounds are likely to appear overlapped or not.
  • See how TLC changes when using different eluent and stationary phases.

Screen for the best chromatographic eluent to purify a compound

If you are planning to purify a compound by using chromatographic techniques, a suitable solvents mixture for the eluent phase must be determined.

Instead of directly tying it in the lab, simply let ORCOD give you several proposals to start with:

  • Avoid wasting solvents, time and efforts unnecessarily.
  • Select whether you wish to search by using all the available solvents, only the less toxic or only the most common ones.
  • Rate the proposals in terms of resolution (%) to separate your target compound from the rest.
  • Try different stationary phases.

Check the expected TLC for each chemical reaction

After defining a reaction, you can easily inspect which would be the most probable Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) aspect for the reagent and the product.

  • Evaluate whether the reagent and the product can be visually differentiated on the TLC plate when monitoring the step of the reaction.
  • Assess whether an efficient separation of the product is possible in case of not achieving full conversion.