Compounds management

Search and consult the properties of the compounds used in your projects, as well as of a complete library provided by ORCOD. Predict and compare their features, and re-use them to define or simulate new reactions.

Draw the molecular structure of your compounds

Extreme easiness to interact with the software by sketching its molecular structure, either to carry out predictions, define chemical reactions or simply to store interesting compounds.

  • Possibility of drawing the structure manually
  • Possibility of importing stored or common compounds
  • Possibility of introducing in SMILES notation
  • Possibility of recovering recent compounds

Comfortable visualization of molecular structures

Consult the structure of any molecule by simply clicking on it to open the viewer. Thanks to it, you will be able to inspect the configuration of molecular bonds and the atoms contained in any compound.

Specially designed to avoid eye fatigue with an adequate variety of colours and the possibility of zooming in.

Look for any compound at any time with the Compounds searcher

Check the features or predict the properties of any compound directly from the main screen of ORCOD. Simply start typing its name or code and get access to its information.

  • Common and commercially-available compounds used in the lab
  • Compounds defined by you in the open scheme
  • Compounds previously stored by yourself or marked as your favourites

Store your favourite or mostly used compounds

If you use and work with the same compounds very often, you can rapidly save them (their name, structure and properties) and comfortably re-use or consult them in the future with a few clicks.

Consult the features of any compound and predict its properties

Commercially-available compounds, all the compounds employed in the scheme and those saved by the user can be visualized and checked by simply looking at its Compounds properties screen.

Import the structure and features of any compound rapidly to define new reactions

Re-use any compound by simply searching it through its code or name.

  • When modifying the reagent or product of any reaction
  • When defining the reagent to simulate a reaction with the wizard
  • When setting up manually a reaction
  • When defining intermediate reagents or reaction conditions

Compare several compounds at a glance

Compare and contrast the properties and features of several compounds by simply selecting them.

  • Get an intuitive horizontal view of all their properties
  • Check which properties are equal among them (highlighted in green)
  • Realize about which properties differ in your selection
  • Export the results to Microsoft Excel

Record information regarding chemical safety

Mark chemical compounds with their corresponding GHS policies and later consult them in order to minimize the hazard risk when manipulating the compounds.

  • Hazard Class Pictograms
  • GHS Hazard Statements
  • Precautionary Statements

Share your compounds library with your colleagues