Reactions management

Organize your chemical reactions in ORCOD schemes. Add, edit, rearrange or remove reactions that you have devised, simulated or performed in the lab.

Headquarter all your work in a single ORCOD file

Store all the reactions of your project in a single file. Among many others, ORCOD will then allow you to:

  • Visualize all your work at a glance
  • Associate information and data to every single reaction
  • Filter and search specific reaction

  • Obtain general statistics of the whole project
  • Disclose synthetic routes
  • Prepare profesional reports
  • And many more…

The power of easily organizing your chemical reactions

Search specific reactions

Sort or rearrange your reactions

Filter and visualize only some reactions

Check the details of your chemical reactions at a glance

Record, store, organize, manipulate and consult the data of your chemical reactions in a single and intuitive scheme.

  • General information: ID code, type of reaction, key words, literature references, researcher in charge, project, cost, performance dates/times, etc.
  • Reagent and product: Name, molecular formula, molecular weight, purity, concentration and general features of both compounds
  • Reaction conditions: participating reagents, monitoring and purification methodologies, solvation conditions, etc.
  • Experimental procedure
  • Results of the reaction: Reaction time, conversion and yield, etc.

Hide or display the reactions details

Inspect the structure of your scheme or project by collapsing or showing the detail of your reactions.

Assess your work with a 5-stars rating

Chemical reactions can be assessed with common metrics like the yield, conversion or reaction time, among others.

But… What about your professional opinion?

If you feel that the reaction was very successful, rate it with 5 stars! If you think that its performance was not as good as it could be, just give it less stars.

Tag your chemical reactions with key words

Categorize chemical reactions to organize them and facilitate a later filtering, search and statistical analysis.

Control your projects with the tasks manager

Schedule and organize all the tasks that your team has to perform to successfully achieve your goals.

  • List all the tasks to gain a good insight into the real status of the projects.
  • Fix due dates to schedule the workflow of your team.
  • Tick each task to indicate that it has already been completed.
  • Assign priorities to the different tasks according to their urgency.
  • Filter and analyze the pending tasks in a user-friendly interface.

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Insert chemical reactions from CSV files

Import multiple reactions from an external source by supplying the information structured in different fields in CSV files.