Release and export professional reports of the data and results contained in your schemes in PDF and XLSX formats .

Release advanced printable reports

Prepare full summaries and reports of your work

  • Export the details of any set of compounds (PDF format)
  • Export a lab fill-in sheet to comfortably note down the results of your experiments in the lab (PDF format)
  • Export the complete reaction details of chemical transformations, including involved compounds, reaction outcome and conditions (PDF format)
  • Export extracts of literature references (in PDF format)
  • Export tabular extracts of the key data of chemical reactions (in CSV format)
  • Export the full description of a complete synthetic route (PDF format)
  • Export the optimization data summary (XLSX format)
  • Export the calibration models data summary (XLSX format)

Customize your reports

Place your name, organization and logo on all your reports to obtain corporative documents that you can comfortably share with your colleagues.

Release lab fill-in sheets

Define the chemical reactions and experiments that you wish to perform and print their corresponding lab fill-in sheets.

  • Get a printable PDF guide of what you have to do in the lab
  • Have a template on which you can write the experimental results by hand in the lab
  • Have a quick support to note down the results to remember and later digitize them
  • Have a print record of your work to store it in the office or to attach to your physical lab notebook