Resources and contents

Check useful chemical contents like a chemical catalogue with thousands of organic reactions, the Periodic Table, a solvent searcher, a table of physical contents or a units converter. 

Check out the reactions catalogue

If you are not sure on which chemical reaction you should carry out, whether any robust process exists to produce a transformation or you simply want to check the reaction conditions for a particular case, you can access the ORCOD reactions catalogue.

  • Let the wizard assist you in finding the reactions condition that you desire
  • Enter the reaction name your are looking for, the reacting functional group and/or the target one.
  • Navigate forward and backwards in the wizard comfortably until you find the transformation you need
  • Save your selection as Predefinite reactions to use them in just one-click in the future

Always have the Periodic Table in hand

Check any propertie of any chemical element in the ORCOD Periodic Table. This full-coloured tool will let you explore the nature of the chemical elements at a glance.

Useful resources available at any time

  • Periodic Table and chemical elements searcher
  • Solvents searcher
  • Physical and mathematical table of constants

Take advantage of the Units Converter

When dealing with several physical, chemical and mathematical measures, units transformations can become tedious at some times. Skip having to look for the equivalence between different units thanks to the ORCOD Units Converter.

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • With many magnitude types available (length, time, pressure, energy, etc.)
  • Indicate the entered units and the target units
  • Choose the units order of magnitude (centi, kilo, micro, etc.)

A select reactions catalogue at your disposal

Draw your attention to ORCOD’s reactions catalogue and explore the most efficient chemical transformations in record time.

No more confusing literature searches on overloaded databases: ORCOD only presents the most trustable and well-proven methods.