Synthetic strategies

Unravel full synthetic routes based on the reactions defined in your scheme to gain full insight into their effectiveness in terms of mass flow, duration and cost.

Find out all the synthetic routes to prepare a compound

Let ORCOD uncover automatically all the possible synthetic pathways to a particular compound based on the reactions of your scheme.

Check out the summary or the full details of a synthetic route

Visualize any synthetic route schematically or with the complete reaction conditions details.

Explore the efficiency of your synthetic routes

Based on your experimental results, let the wizard summarize which has been the real and global efficiency of your synthetic strategy

  • Mass flow: compare the yield and conversion among the steps and throughout the whole route
  • Duration: compare the reaction time among the steps and throughout the whole route
  • Cost: compare the monetary cost among the steps and throughout the whole route

Compare several synthetic strategies

After defining your chemical reactions and recording their results, ORCOD will locate all the possible synthetic routes to obtain a specific target and will let you analyze their efficiency.

  • List possible synthetic strategies based on your set of chemical reactions
  • Comparison of the compounds involved in each route
  • Comparison of the efficiency of the different synthetic routes in terms of yield, duration, kinetics, cost, etc.
  • Recommendation of the best synthetic choice

How to analyze the results with ORCOD