Literature referecnces

How to associate a literature reference to a chemical reaction?
  • Locate the reaction that you wish and click on the Reaction details link above the reaction arrow.

Alternatively, you can also select the reaction, which will be highlighted in orange, and then click on the Edit reaction button in the Home tab.

  • In the General tab below, click on Edit references.
  • Click on the Citation wizard, which is available in the screen that will appear.
  • Enter all the data related to the literature reference that you wish to record.
  • When ready, accept the changes.
How to consult the literature references associated to a chemical reaction?
  • Locate a reaction that already has literature references associated and select it.
  • Go to the Reactions tab and click on Check references.
  • In the screen that will appear, the citation for that reference is displayed. You can easily access the online version of the publication by clicking on the left button of the DOI (provided that the DOI identifier has been previously recorded).
How to manage the literature references stored in your PC?
  • Go to the Utilites tab and click on Literature.
  • In the screen that will appear, manage as you wish the references available from your PC, either by adding new references, editing or deleting the existing ones.
How to release a report of all the literature references employed in the scheme?

Go to the Reactions tab and click on References report.