Smart science at your fingertips

An efficient solution developed by and for scientists

Our mission

ORCOD Chemistry was born with the aim of helping professionals in the field of Science in achieving their milestones and becoming more efficient by taking full advantage of the ultimate technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Computer-Assisted methodologies.

Our history

The ORCOD development team started constructing this novel software in 2015 in Spain. Since then, ORCOD has never stopped growing and becoming more complete, integrated and adapted to the real day-to-day needs of professionals.

Now we are pleased to offer a robust product capable of reducing the costs of firms and public institutions, make Chemistry easier, more comprehensible and facilitate the transition from the classical working methodologies to the current digital world. We have struggled and dedicated considerable efforts in obtaining an easy, comfortable, trustable and affordable tool to let scientists adapt their work and/or research to the 21st century lifestyle by fully adapting their expertise and taking as much advantage as possible from the currently-available computing power.

Our mission

Our purpose is simple: we wish to make the scientists’ lives easier. We were encouraged to release a tool that not only could be effectively used and helped professionals, but also was affordable for absolutely all professionals, as we are plenty aware of the financial adversities that both public and private institutions face nowadays. At ORCOD Chemistry, we strongly believe that we can help professionals excelling in their respective areas by providing them with a useful tool, so that they can truly focus on the projects and thus let the team’s talent flourish.

Our customers’ feedback confirms that our dream has been fulfilled, as they consider ORCOD not only a useful software, but also as an excellent investment to consolidate economical profitability and scientific growth.

We wish to contribute to the nowadays scientific and technological advances by proposing and supplying a new way of working to take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence and computer automation, so that research groups, industry, firms, individuals and anyone interested in the great world of Chemistry can benefit from it.

Our values

Creativity & Innovation

When it comes de science, we are the first defenders of original works to overcome the nowadays challenges. With the right tools, professionals can come up with great ideas that can represent true revolutions.


We struggle to provide outstanding products that can help our customers in achieving their most ambitious milestones. We believe that quality is a must in all projects and, therefore, we want to contribute to obtain the best solutions.

Research & Knowledge

Since the great philosophers, the society has been curious about the world that surrounds us. We absolutely share the fascination for discovering new things: that’s why we are willing to help our customers in achieving them more easily and thus broaden our knowledge.

Cutting edge technology

Thanks to the technological growth that we have experienced in the last decades, today we have extremely advanced tools at our disposal, which can incredibly facilitate our daily lives. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great example of the great cohabitation between humans and computers, and we truly wish to help in deploying it into the scientists’ workplace.

Green Chemistry & Sustainability

Now, more than ever, the society is plenty aware of the huge environmental risks that the world is currently facing. We absolutely support the eco-friendly processes in Chemistry, especially trying to reduce waste and pollution prevention.


We strongly believe in the power of teamwork: united efforts can certainly lead to astonishing results. It is therefore our aim to provide a product that can ease a fluent and consistent way of joining the work carried out by small, medium and large departments.