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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

May I install ORCOD LabBook Pro on more than one PC?

Of course. ORCOD LabBook Pro permits the download, installation and activation of the software on as many devices as you wish. You will need to enter a valid license key for each device.

May I use one license in more than one PC at the same time?

No. Each license is uniquely and exclusively assigned to a single device. In case you would like to use ORCOD LabBook Pro in more than one PC, the corresponding number of licenses will necessary have to be purchased.

Since when is the validity of the license computed?

Since the moment in which the license is activated. The expiration date will be calculated by considering the moment in which the license is linked for the device to a device. Notice that you can therefore buy the license at any time and activate it afterwards when you need to start using the software.

Where can I find my license key to activate ORCOD LabBook Pro?

You can consult the license key in the e-mail that you received when you bought it. There, you can check all the licenses that you purchased at that moment, as well as the order number and the purchase amount details.

It is extremely important that you store this message in a safe place and backup it (either print or digitally), as the license key is absolutely essential to activate the product, either the first time or in future installations.

When will I receive the license key after buying it?

The delivery term depends on the payment method. In case you have employed debit or credit card, the key will be automatically delivered in the next minutes. Contrary, if you preferred to pay through a bank transfer, the delivery will be restricted to the moment in which ORCOD LabBook Pro receives the amount: a lapse between 2 and 10 working days is therefore possible, depending on the terms delimited by the banking system. In both cases, the license key will be sent to the e-mail specified during the purchase process.

I did not receive any e-mail from ORCOD LabBook Pro. What can I do?

Depending on the settings of your e-mail account, the messages from ORCOD Chemistry might have been redirected to your SPAM inbox: please check such folder in case you do not receive our communications. If you still do not see any ORCOD Chemistry’s message, please contact us through to resend it again.

May I activate and execute ORCOD LabBook Pro without Internet connection?

The activation process always necessarily demands Internet connection. Nevertheless, once activated, you can use ORCOD LabBook Pro in offline mode, though it will periodically ask you to connect to the net in order to verify the state of the license and, in case it could not connect after several attempts, the access to the software would be blocked. In general terms, it is strongly advisable that you always remain connected to the Internet in order to work without any sort of interruption and in a steady way.

When starting ORCOD LabBook Pro, a message is displayed saying that the license has expired. What can I do?

This message informs you that the license that you purchased and is currently linked to your device is no longer valid and, therefore, it cannot be used any more. If you would like to keep using ORCOD LabBook Pro, a new license will necessary have to be purchased from, by clicking on the Pricing section.

I lost the license key. What can I do?

In such case, get in contact with ORCOD Chemistry through e-mail (, expose your situation and attach a proof of identity of the license buyer (national document of identity, passport or similar). Depending on the case, ORCOD Chemistry might request you some additional information to verify your identity.

How many commercial licenses may I have?

There is not limit regarding the number of commercial licenses. You can purchase as many as you wish.

How many test licenses may I request?

Considering that test (or trial) licenses are exclusively released to check the correct functioning of the software on a particular device, only one test license can be requested per device.

Which is the length of a test license?

Test licenses are valid for 10 calendar days. To keep working with ORCOD LabBook Pro after this period of time, a commercial license will necessarily have to be purchased from, by clicking on the Pricing section.

As the software was not working properly after requesting the trial license, I had to uninstall and reinstall ORCOD LabBook Pro in order to make it work. May I still use the trial license after reinstalling?

Of course. The trial license that you requested has a validity period of 10 calendar days, during which you may test the software as many times as you desire, including reinstallations. In such cases, in the activation wizard, you can simply select again I don’t have any license key option and click on Activate in order to keep trying.

How can I know when will my license expire?

Both the total duration and the exact expiration date in which the license will no longer be valid can be consulted in the Settings screen of ORCOD LabBook Pro by displaying the License tab.

I have a license linked to a PC. May I link it to another one?

Of course. You can follow the procedure “Reassignment of a commercial license to another device” exposed in the ORCOD LabBook Pro activation guidelines. Bear in mind that a license can only be active on a unique PC at the time.

The device linked to the license is not working correctly or I cannot uninstall or disassociate it to use the license from another PC. How can I keep using the same license?

In such case, get in contact with ORCOD Chemistry through e-mail ( expose your situation, attach a proof of identity of the license buyer (national document of identity, passport or similar) and indicate the corresponding license key.

If I link a license to another PC, what happens with its validity period?

The validity period will always remain unaltered, independently of whether you link the license to another device or how much you use the software.