Please provide your email address and click on the following button to download the ultimate version of the software (it might take a few seconds to start).

ORCOD LabBook Pro for Windows

Before running the installer, make sure that you firstly decompress the downloaded file.

Once downloaded and installed, you will be able to choose whether you wish to activate the software with a trial license (free) or a commercial license.

In case you experience any problems, please check your web browser security settings and try it again. If you are unable to download the file, you can contact us through the Contact form here.


Please follow the procedure below to download and install the software on your PC
Click on the ‘Start download’ button on this webpage, right-click on the downloaded file and choose the ‘Extract all’ option.
  Click on ‘Extract’ and wait until the file is entirely decompressed.
Go to the file in which the file has been decompressed and click on ‘Open’.
  In case the Windows SmartScreen appears, click on ‘More info’.
Click on ‘Run anyway’.
In case your OS asks for it, provide your user password to start the installation process.
Select the language that you wish to use to install ORCOD LabBook Pro.
From this point on, follow the steps presented by the installer.