A new concept of Electronic Lab Notebook and Synthesis Planning

What is ORCOD LabBook Pro?

ORCOD LabBook Pro is an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) enhanced with Artificial Intelligence to record experimental results, simulate chemical reactions, predict molecular properties, accelerate daily tasks and allow a systematic analysis.

Under a user-friendly interface, ORCOD LabBook Pro can help professionals in designing and optimizing synthetic strategies, inspecting molecular properties, unravelling relevant chemical reactions, recording experimental results and reporting, as well as disclosing high-potential statistical outcomes automatically.

What can you use ORCOD LabBook Pro for?

Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)
scientific software chemistry ELN
  • Organize your chemical reactions in ORCOD LabBook Pro schemes
  • Add, edit, rearrange or remove chemical reactions with full details
  • Edit the reaction conditions
  • Search for any chemical reaction in a few clicks
  • Filter the recorded chemical reactions
  • Keep full control on the literature references and assign key words
  • Record and associate optimization tables to chemical reactions
  • Rate the performance of your chemical with a 5-stars system to give your professional assessment
Simulation of chemical reactions
scientific software chemistry ELN
  • Predict the most probable product of a chemical reaction in a few seconds and on your specific reagent
  • Scan the literature for the most suitable reaction conditions
  • Anticipate possible side reactions and interferences for your specific chemical processes
  • Explore a catalogue of robust reaction conditions
Prediction of molecular properties
scientific software chemistry ELN
  • Calculate the key molecular properties
  • Infer the solvent likeliness of any compound
  • Predict isotopic patterns and compare several MS spectra
  • Predict 1D and 2D NMR spectra and compare them
  • Predict IR spectra and compare them
  • Predict the Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) of any compound
  • Screen for the best chromatographic eluents
  • Compare the elemental composition of several compounds
Design of synthetic strategies
  • Prepare synthetic strategies automatically from the reactions recorded in the scheme
  • Obtain an objective view on the efficiency of different synthetic routes
  • Compare several synthetic strategies at a glance
  • Obtain recommendations on which route is the most convenient one
  • Compare the properties and expected spectra of the synthetic intermediates
Tasks automation
  • Write experimental procedures automatically by just clicking a button
  • Calculate the stoichiometric amounts automatically
  • Cite literature references automatically in ACS style
  • Encode your compounds automatically in a systematic way
  • Uncover the key NMR signals automatically thanks the Elucidation assistant
Data analysis and modelling
  • Analyze the overall statistics of the whole project and its chronology
  • Uncover background trends in your experimental results
  • Obtain automatic statistical insights into your optimization screenings thanks to Machine Learning techniques
  • Adjust your calibration models automatically and quantify new measurements
Simulation of experimental detections
  • Inspect the expected isotopic patterns
  • Predict the 1H and 13C NMR spectra, as well as DEPT, COSY, HSQC/HMQC, HMBC and INADEQUATE
  • Predict the expected Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) for a mixture of compounds
  • Screen for the best eluent to purify a target compound through chromatography
  • Predict pH profiles for acid-base titrations
Compounds management
  • Store chemical compounds in your own library
  • Get an eye-friendly view of the structure of your compounds
  • Consult the properties of your compounds at a glance
  • Search and reuse your compounds to define chemical reactions
  • Associate chemical safety policies to your compounds
  • Share your compounds library with your colleagues
  • Release PDF reports on the compounds properties and reactions data
  • Release lab fill-in sheets to be completed in the lab with the experimental results
  • Release XLSX files with the calibration and optimization results
  • Customize your reports with your corporative logotype, brand and name

Curious about how ORCOD LabBook Pro works?

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User Guide

Who can use ORCOD LabBook Pro?

Any professional in the field of science can benefit from the use of ORCOD LabBook Pro. It is accessible by institutions, academia, industry, technical services and individuals. Thanks to its versatility, a broad spectrum of sectors can rely on ORCOD LabBook Pro, including Pharma, Biotech, Medicinal chemistry, Engineering, Petrochemistry, Flavors, Agrochemistry or Energy, among many others.

Why ORCOD LabBook Pro instead of other programs?

ORCOD LabBook Pro is a genuine and pioneering Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that is specially directed to chemistry R&D and production departments. It combines scientific knowledge, novel technologies, applicability and affordability in a unique way that no other tool can currently equalize. ORCOD LabBook Pro is the first software that mixes chemistry, Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics under the framework of an ELN to accompany your daily work.

Which are the benefits of using ORCOD LabBook Pro?


Take advantage of computation science by simulating chemical processes, exploring the most robust synthetic proposals that are currently available and performing advanced calculations, among many other possibilities.

Easy and comfortable

Search, store, organize and consult organic compounds, chemical reactions and advanced synthetic strategies in just one click.


Headquarter your scientific data by creating your own library of reactions, compounds and models.


Organize your findings, discoveries and records to maximize your scientific performance and productivity. Analyze them afterwards to decide the next steps in your project.

Why should you give a chance to ORCOD LabBook Pro?


Depending on your needs, you can choose to install ORCOD LabBook Pro on only a single PC or on all the PC’s of your department. The software is automatically configured and you are free to customize the default parameters that you wish. No implementation effort is required at any point.


The functionalities included cover a wide range of professional needs, but you are free to use only the ones that you want. All of them are included in all licenses: the functionalities are always available to be employed whenever you wish and as many times you need.


All the screens have been carefully designed to facilitate an enjoyable experience to all users, regardless of their IT knowledge, including intuitive options and many visual contents, in conjunction with guiding messages.


Contrary to other tools, with ORCOD LabBook Pro you have the power of deciding whether you wish to store the information of your projects on your own hard drives (on local PC’s or internal servers) or on external cloud service providers (Microsoft OneDrive or Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).


The price will never be a problem with ORCOD LabBook Pro, as several license durations are available (from 1 month to perpetual) at low fares. You simply need to pick the one that fits your needs the best at the current time and activate the software with it.

Constant improvement

Our team is permanently listening to the users’ comments and responding to your needs. Software updates are periodically released to add new functionalities or improve the current ones.

What can you expect with ORCOD LabBook Pro?

Headquarter all your work in a single file

Simply store all your data in comfortable all-in-one ORCOD LabBook Pro schemes. Forget about spread data files on your desktop and have all the data you need in hand.

Let the machine work for you

Start taking advantage of the computational power by simulating organic reactions, predicting the most probable products and compound properties. The lower human intervention will result in a better systematization and a significant reduction of inaccuracices.

Make literature searches more rapidly

ORCOD LabBook Pro database entails a complete range of chemical processes, compounds, calculators, monographies and contents. Stop searching on countless literature sources and spending hours, often fruitless. ORCOD LabBook Pro will let you explore more information sources, more accurately and in a few minutes.

Digitize your lab notebooks

Do not be afraid of losing or misunderstanding your hand-written findings anymore. Let ORCOD LabBook Pro automatically organize your results and notes for you in clearly-structured schemes.

Save time

Take advantage of all the automatic calculations and procedures that ORCOD LabBook Pro provides with and forget about tedious and repetitive daily tasks like structural calculations and experimental procedure writing. Tasks that now take more than 1 hour can be accelerated to only a few seconds.

Be more efficient

Thanks to the advanced statistical and analytical tools included, you will be able to optimize your resources and efforts. ORCOD LabBook Pro will guide you in following a much more systematic work methodology to gain a deeper understanding of your own work.

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Research & Development

We are strongly committed to investigation, either academic or commercial.
We are aimed to facilitate the researchers’ work with the use of Artificial Intelligence to tackle new projects, design novel methodologies and systematically organize the results.
With ORCOD LabBook Pro, researchers have a true scientific assistant next to them, ready to face the most ambitious challenges.


Many customers have already experienced how ORCOD LabBook Pro becomes their strategic partner, allowing them to introduce Artificial Intelligence in their business and thus achieve higher-quality solutions, accompanied with a significant reduction of time and related costs.

Technical services

Quality and efficiency are the corner stones of a successful business.
Technical departments can see how they save thousands of labor hours thanks to the automations provided by ORCOD LabBook Pro, as well as its systematic workflow that helps them in organizing the information.


Both teachers and students can benefit from ORCOD LabBook Pro, as it supplies a unique experience to explore Chemistry.
Teachers can more easily illustrate the power of this discipline, while students are able to come into contact with its versatility and learn the working methodologies in a practical way.


We wish that all the people interested in the world of Chemistry can access to its contents, even if they are not affiliated to an institution or enterprise. With ORCOD LabBook Pro, everybody can enjoy and take advantage of the most advanced tools under affordable and adaptable conditions.

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