Principal investigators & Head scientists

We are conscious that, as a principal investigator or head scientist, countless tasks in your research group/department demand your attention: ranging from the supervision of the research work that is currently being undertaken in your labs, to the projects organization and funds management. To accomplish such a complex job, it is essential to have a clear idea of the true progress of the projects and a summary of the results. Now more than ever, technology can save tons of time so that you can come into contact with your team’s work more intensely.

Project managers & Team leaders

Both in the public and in the private sector, during the course of a new project, a huge number of tasks must be fulfilled, starting by the proposal design, passing through the performance of lab tests and ending in the recording of the outcomes and conclusions extraction. Of course, all these tasks will be fruitless unless all the data can be properly handled to assess the results. Project managers are specially aware of the importance of using specialized software, as it makes it possible to store past experience, facilitate its reproduction in the future, have all the to-do’s under control and be able to tell at any moment if everything is moving in the right way.

Production managers & Department coordinators

Industry is an extremely demanding sector: science is taken to the large scale so that the whole society can benefit from it, though this entails that extra work must be performed to ensure that the target is delivered with enough quality. Production managers and coordinators must ensure that processes are as efficient and robust as possible, that they are relatively fast and, obviously, that such combination fits the expected budget. In this sense, the use of the right technological tools is mandatory in order to deliver high-quality processes and beat the competition.

How can you benefit from ORCOD LabBook Pro? See some examples

Ensure that all the work carried out by your team is systematically stored in common electronic files: ORCOD LabBook Pro schemes have a unique template for entering the data, thus entailing that the same format is shared by everybody in your team, which can also be easily consulted, edited and backed up at any time.

Headquarter all the results in a single electronic file: you are free to choose if you wish to prepare one ORCOD LabBook Pro scheme file for each project or for only a part of it. In any case, you can easily create backup copies of it and send it through e-mail to your colleagues. In other words: you can rely on all-in-one files that contain the project design, lab notebook results, analyses and conclusions.

Schedule and organize the to-do’s with the Tasks Manager: a simple yet practical tool to list all the pending tasks that must be done in the future, label them according to their priority and due date, or filter them based on their due date and state.

Consult at a glance which lab techniques are being employed in each project and how the experimental results look like. Simply check the automated statistical analyses and plots: see which purification and monitoring methods are mostly employed, which compounds are being used more often, which professionals participate most, and even which background trends display your experimental results, among many other interesting facts.

Start recording the experimental designs and results on a digital basis and make your team take as much advantage as possible from the technological revolution. This way, they will be able to devote less time to tedious and repetitive tasks and focus on the ones that truly demand their professional expertise.

Have all the consulted references under control: associate each of them to the concrete chemical process that you wish, build your own references database and easily export it.

Release standardized reports for your own compounds, chemical reactions and models so that you can get a print version to be stored on your PC or sent by e-mail.

Don’t worry about the cost. We believe that affordability must stay on the top of the product conditions to let scientific departments effectively grow. This is the reason why we offer extremely flexible license plans so that you can use ORCOD LabBook Pro when you really need it.