Scientific professionals

Senior researchers

We are plenty aware of the many difficulties that researchers face nowadays. The pressure for uncovering new substances with industrial potential and novel methodologies increases every day, as institutions and firms need to keep their reputation high or surpass their competitors. In this sense, senior researchers pioneer this progress and struggle to produce high-quality works in record time. Studies reveal that such a challenge can be attained with significantly less effort and better timespans by taking advantage of specialized software, as computers can perform the most repetitive and tedious tasks, as well as constitute a clever way to systematize the experimental work.

PhD students

Without any doubt, doctorate programs represent one of the most rigorous and demanding stages in the life of any researcher. PhD students are required to have all the experiments that they perform in the lab under plain control, including their design, literature search and citation, results characterization, data analysis, reporting and conclusions extraction. Such tasks are never easy, as high-quality standards must be met in order to prepare successful theses. Nevertheless, every day that passes, more and more PhD researchers understand how important it is to have the right software tools in hand to achieve a rigorous work.

Lab & Plant professionals

Even though production in industry often follows the guidelines established by internal protocols, we strongly believe that there is always room for improvement. Considering the attention that lab and plant professionals pay on productivity, time optimization and economics, they need to carefully check all the details of their scientific methods by performing statistical analyses and deepening into past records. When dealing with large amounts of experimental data, the use of specialized software can become a differentiating factor between tedious and efficient workflows to facilitate the productivity improval.

Scientific consultants

Many firms rely on scientific consultants or advisors to make their business grow. Such professionals always seek to give trustful responses to their customers, which obviously represents a great responsibility. Consultation services not only entail solving a customer’s problem, but also supplying innovative solutions that can potentially lead to a more advanced business relationship with the customer in the future. With this regard, the use of specialized software becomes a mandatory tool, which combined with the consultant’s expertise can lead to highly-consistent proposals.

How can you benefit from ORCOD LabBook Pro? See some examples

Headquarter all the results in a single electronic file: you are free to choose if you wish to prepare one ORCOD LabBook Pro scheme file for each project or for only a part of it. In any case, you can easily create backup copies of it and send it through e-mail to your colleagues. In other words: you can rely on all-in-one files that contain the project design, lab notebook results, analyses and conclusions.

Have a complete catalogue of organic chemical reactions in hand with well-documented transformations to interconvert a wide range of functional groups. Take advantage as well of the literature citations provided by the catalogue for your project documentation.

Simulate chemical reactions on your specific reagents, predict the most likely product and prevent possible side processes in just a few seconds with the ORCOD LabBook Pro wizard. No matter if your reagents have not been previously described in the literature, as the simulation can be performed on absolutely any compound (either with simple or complex structures).

Devise full synthetic routes in record time by comfortably concatenating several chemical reactions in a project scheme. You are able to prepare such routes either by entering your experimental lab results, theoretical designs or simulations carried out with the ORCOD LabBook Pro wizard.

Keep full track of the related scientific references employed in your projects. You will be able to store citations, assign them to chemical reactions or compounds, and rapidly consult their DOI link within just one click.

Predict the properties of your compounds by simply drawing their structure: infer their structural properties, solvation affinity, chromatography behavior (TLC), isotopic pattern and NMR, IR and MS spectra, among others. No matter if your compounds have not been described before in the literature that the software will be able to predict its nature.

Compare at a glance the properties of different sets of compounds, inspect how similar they are and which differences they present.

Explore the several tools integrated in the software to facilitate all your daily tasks: it will automatically write the experimental procedures for you, choose the most advisable solvent for your reaction, calculate the reagents amounts, and many more.

Enjoy an eye-friendly interface with fully-colored chemical structures.

Release standardized reports for your own compounds, chemical reactions and models so that you can get a print version of them to be stored on your PC or sent by e-mail.

Create your own compounds and reactions libraries to later consult them.

Don’t worry about the cost. We believe that affordability must stay on the top of the product conditions to let scientific departments effectively grow. This is the reason why we offer extremely flexible license plans so that you can use ORCOD LabBook Pro when you really need it.